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Bikini Bottom just got real..

baskervillenqh asked:

So... in season 1 of Dragonball. If Bulma had managed to get to the dragonballs and wish for a boyfriend... would that have brought Vegeta to Earth prematurely?


yes. a 17 yo vegeta appears out of nowhere in a puff of smoke. he starts yelling like a posessed person. everyone else starts yelling as well because he’s still covered in blood and entrails from his purge mission on planet freeza-X589. he looks like a psychopath out of a cheap horror movie, especially with the stupid looking as hell armor thingy he’s wearing. confused by the situation, he decides to apply the first rule of his saiyan handbook, which is “in doubt, kill everything”. dragon ball ends on vegeta exploding earth still screaming his lungs out, and bulma thinking from heaven “well at least i was killed by a cutie”

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